Proper selection of Industrial Rigging

Proper selection of the rigging tool set will not only help you get the job done positively but also keep the persons and property from injury and stay them safe. Tips below are from professional rigging equipment manufacturers to help you decide which lifting and rigging equipment is the best solution for your applications. 

To correctly select an industrial rigging means to choose ideal sling accessories. First of all, users should take into account the sling types. To decide the slings types, users need to know what kind of loads, weight, how will it be /secured, lifting height, environment and so on. An experienced inspector can select suitable slings and then match it with the corresponding rigging. 

Alloy steel slings or steel wire rope slings are more robust and durable than polyester webbing slings.

These metal slings have a larger range of temperature than synthetic slings. However, polyester webbing slings are more flexible and light-weight.

Rigging Equipment Rigging Equipment
Rigging Equipment

Most of the lifting and rigging tool for sale produced by rigging equipment manufacturers are designed for general outdoor applications. They have certain weather resistance. But if you are in extreme weather or climate, or the using environment are in extreme corrosion or high temperatures, you need to select those rigging tools with super anti-corrosion or high temperature resistant performance. Titansuhe provides hot dip galvanization treatment lifting and rigging equipment, stainless steel rigging equipment and high temperature resisted rigging equipment for sale.

For Different Applications For Different Applications
For Different Applications

If you want to buy rigging tools, either heavy duty rigging machine or light duty lifting and rigging equipment is provided for different applications. As for rigging materials, heavy duty crane rigging equipments are all made of alloy steel by forging process and heat treated for high strength that can withstand the heavy loads during professional industry lifting and rigging or handling applications. Light duty crane rigging equipments are normally made of mild steel with casting or pressing process. They are used to provide connections that won't bear much load on itself or work as decoration and fence.

both open type/clevis type both open type/clevis type
both open type/clevis type

Most of Titansuhe's hoisting and rigging equipment have both open type/clevis type and closed type /eye type. The former type is more used for the applications need frequently attachment. The open/clevis head can provide fast remove of the attached loads. The second one is widely used for permanent attachment where do not need frequent attach and remove.

Crane Rigging Equipment Safety Checklist

  • Select the crane rigging equipment with proper types, sizes, working load, and other technical data that can meet your application.

  • Always check the lifting and rigging equipment before each use and be sure they are in good service condition. The lifting rigging equipment with any defect such as cracks, stretches, deformation and parts missing that reduce its safety should be repaired or replaced before use.

  • Strictly follow up the rigging hardware manufacturers's instructions to properly select, assemble, use, inspect and maintain the rigging equipment, especially for those components that have safe working load and operation angle requirements.

  • Always stand clear from the crane rigging equipment that in operation.

  • Never exceed the rated working load of the lifting and rigging tool equipment.

  • Ensure the loads have been properly secured and balanced on the rigging tool to avoid dropping, tipping or rotating.

Crane Rigging Equipment FAQs

What kind of situation need use Crane rigging equipment?

Crane lifting equipment are best solution for transportation, loading, position and moving. It’s important to considering a proper overhead lifting equipment for the site you’ll be using. If the surroundings are outdoor, users need select waterproof and rust resistance features.

What are Rigging Tools?

Can the rigging tool set be used individually?

How often should rigging equipment be inspected?

Where to find ideal lifting equipment?

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