Material Handling Equipment MHE Advantages

Material handling equipment (MHE) refers to the various tools, machines, and vehicles used for transporting, storing, and controlling goods in manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution operations. According to Titansuhe lifting equipment factory,  Here are some of the advantages of using MHE in these environments:

​Increased Efficiency: ​Increased Efficiency:
​Increased Efficiency:

MHE helps increase the speed and efficiency of material handling tasks, reducing labor costs and improving overall productivity. For instance, automated conveyor systems can transport goods quickly and efficiently, while forklifts and pallet jacks can move large and heavy loads with ease.

Improved Safety: Improved Safety:
Improved Safety:

Material handling equipment helps improve workplace safety by reducing the risk of injuries from lifting and carrying heavy loads. Equipment such as cranes, hoists, and lifts provide a safe and efficient way to move heavy materials and goods.

Enhanced Customer Service: Enhanced Customer Service:
Enhanced Customer Service:

Using MHE can improve customer service by reducing order processing times and improving inventory accuracy. This means that products can be delivered faster and with greater accuracy, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Cost Savings: Cost Savings:
Cost Savings:

MHE can help reduce labor costs by automating material handling tasks and reducing the need for manual labor. Additionally, using MHE can help reduce product damage and shrinkage, which can save money by reducing the amount of wasted or damaged products.

Increased Flexibility: Increased Flexibility:
Increased Flexibility:

Material handling equipment provides greater flexibility in handling a wide range of products and materials. For instance, automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) can handle different product sizes and shapes, allowing for greater flexibility in warehouse layouts and storage options.

Conclusion Conclusion

Overall, using MHE can provide numerous advantages for businesses involved in material handling operations, including increased efficiency, improved safety, cost savings, increased flexibility, and enhanced customer service.

Material Handling Equipment Notes

When handling the materials, the load will be hold and move in the air, how to keep the material and operators safe, the following notes are important to read and understand.

1 1

Read and understand the instruction manual provided by one of the top leading material handling suppliers in China, Titansuhe, who come with each lifting equipment in their box. Know well the technical data and operational requirement before put it in service.

2 2

Always seat the materials on the load center of your material handling equipment and keep it balance to avoid falling.

3 3

Always stand clear from the lifting and travelling area when the material is handled.

4 4

Never exceed the rated load of the material handling machines & systems.

Periodically maintain the material handling equipment according to the instruction on manual.

5 5

Never exceed the rated speed of the material handling equipment and always keep the movement under control

6 6

Always check the service conditions of the material handling equipment before each handling. If any defects like fork deformation, tyre flat, pump failure, electric failure and so on are founded, stop using the equipment before repairing by qualified person or replace a new equipment.

Selection of Custom Material Handling Equipment

  • Before select a material handling equipment, you need be clear of the properties of your material. Whether it is solid, liquid or gas and how it is packed, on pallet, in drum, container, bags or like that and whether it is fragile, corrosive, etc.These information will decide you to chose the right equipment and handling process.

  • You need to know how heavy the material is and then select the material handling equipment with enough rated load. All types of material handling devices are prohibited to operate with overload.

  • The dimension of the materials you are going to handle is also important to get the right material handling equipment. For example, most of the cargo will be stacked on pallet for efficiency handling. The pallet jack truck are all structured with stand foot so that the truck and fork in to lift the pallet and move. The distance between the foot will decide you to use pallet truck with wider fork or with narrow fork. Generally, we provide pallet truck with 685mm fork width and 550mm fork width.

  • Most of the material handling devices have a minimum turning ratio. The larger the equipment, the bigger turning ratio will be. So, you need to chose the material handling equipment with proper turning ratio according to your passageway width (the width of travelling area)

  • Cost effective is also the most consideration to select your material handling machinery and equipment. How to select the equipment that can help you to finish the job with the cheapest cost. Contact our sales team or engineering team, we will give you our professional advise.

Material Handling Devices FAQs

What are the material handling application?

Material handling equipment is widely used for warehouses, steel plants, agricultural, automobile industries, construction sites, food industries, logistics, textile industries, etc. Where ever you need to lift, control, move and position cargo or equipment, you need this material handling equipment to get the job done.

How often should the material handling equipment be maintained.

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What is Titansuhe's material handling equipment categories?

Material handling machines & systems working principles

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