Are Elevators Safe?

As an indispensable mobile equipment in urban space, the safety consideration is always the priority when select an elevator. We provide all our elevators with safety features such as VVVF Frequency inverter control system, Intellectual remote monitoring system, Permanent magnet synchronous and gearless traction machine, Door safety protection device, etc. All the main elevator spare parts including but not limited with governor, safety gear, buffer, wire ropes have been inspected and type tested to meet international standard. Choose Schmidt, you get peace in mind.

Are Elevators Safe?

How Do Elevators Work?

How Do Elevators Work?

The elevator is mainly composed of traction rope, car phase, counterweight, guide wheel, motor, reducer, brake, etc. The counterweight and car are connected by the traction rope and wound on the guide wheel and traction wheel respectively. The motor drives the traction wheel to rotate through the speed change of reducer. The lifting movement of counterweight and car is realized through the friction between traction wheel and traction rope, so as to achieve the purpose of transportation.

The guide shoe on the car realizes the reciprocating lifting movement of the car according to the fixed guide rail installed on the shaft wall, so as to avoid the swing or deflection of the car in the lifting movement.

The brake releases the brake when the motor works to make the elevator run. When the elevator loses power, the brake stops the lifting of the car, and maintains a static state on the designated floor to ensure the normal entry and exit of personnel and goods. As a box car carrying passengers, counterweight needs to be used to balance the load and reduce the motor power. The compensation device of the elevator ensures the stability of the motor load and the accurate parking of the lift car by compensating the weight and tension changes in the movement of the traction rope.

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We have our own R&D Center, imported Germany technology, and fully automated production lines that can provide high quality products with very competitive prices. About 20 years experience in elevator field can give you most professional advice when you have any questions.

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