Chain Hoist Lifts Working Principle

  • Basically, the chain pulley crane is designed according to the physics of the pulley for labor-saving and efficiency improvement. The mechanical advantage of two reduction gears adoption can transform small force over a long distance to large force over a short distance.  That's why a chain lift hoist can lift heavy objects to any desired location by simply pulling the hand chain with much less effort.                                                                                                                                                                                               

  • The chain hoist crane working principle is constructed by one large gear, two small gears, and the main shaft to get a two-stage reduction gear set. The machining precision of this gear set decides how much effort need to lift the rated load. It's also one key point to say if this hoist is of good quality or not.

  • To lift or down a load, the operator just needs to attach the upper hook of a chain lift hoist on rated support, hook the object that is to be moved, then pull down the hand chain blocks according to the up direction that mark at the backside of a chain pulley crane. When pulling the hand chain, the handwheel rotation will drive the main shaft and gears, gears will turn the load chain wheel, by this way, the chain lift hoist will move with the load wheel's rotation, thus the load will be lifted. When the loads are lifted to the desired location, just pull the hand chain from the other side to release or drop down the load.

  • Except for the gear set, a good quality crane chain pulley must have a reliable and durable brake system that can stop and hold loads at any position. The most used brake system is a weston-style brake that has two ratchet pawl and one ratchet gear. In fact, one pawl is enough to hold the rated load, double pawl design is for high safety. In case of one pawl failure, the other pawl can still hold the loads firmly to avoid loads drop and causing damage or injury to the personality. The right picture is the chain lift hoist diagram for your informations.

Chain Hoist Lifts Working Principle

Chain Hoist China Application

As a versatile tool, the crane chain pulley has multiple functions to lift the load, secure cargo, or hold the load. There are so many applications that can be found. You can use a 1ton chain hoist to remove engines from cars in a garage. Or construction sites such as light rail construction, you can use some chain pulley machine combination to hold the steel structures that need to stay in the air. When transporting steel material or some equipment, a chain hoist crane also can be used as a lashing tool that secures the materials/equipment firmly on the truck. As one of the reliable lifting equipment manufacturers, TITANSUHE's chain lift hoists are also widely applied in factories, shipyards, mining industries, oil and gas field, and marine industries.

How to Test A Crane Chain Pulley

How to Test A Crane Chain Pulley

For Electric Chain Hoist, we need to test it as per below procedure and video instruction.

Step 1: No Load Test-Check if the electric chain hoist can lift, drop and stop properly under no load;

Step 2: Proof Load Test-Check if the electric chain hoist can lift, drop and stop properly under 150% rated load;

Step 3: Measuring the noise during operation to get the number;

Step 4: Voltage Rise and Drop Test-Check if the electric chain hoist can work properly under sudden voltage rise and drop.

Chain Hoist Lift FAQs

Can I use a chain lift hoist to pull horizontally?

Do not use a chain lift hoist for horizontally pulling unless you choose TITANSUHE's 360-degree pulling hoist.

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